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Borderless Network Architecture Baseline Workshop (BNABW)

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Detailed Course Outline

NOTE: There are 3 Elective Modules included below addressing Cisco's specific solutions and competitive landscape for Medianet, Application Velocity and EnergyWise. These are NOT included in the 1 day class, but can be included for a 1.5 day (or 3 ILO Webex session) delivery.

1. Networking Today
  • Trends Driving Business, Device and People Interaction
  • Borderless Use Cases
  • The Borderless Networks Value Proposition
  • The Customer perspective on Mobility and Security
2. Business Drivers, Market Overview & Update
  • Market Forces and Drivers
  • Key Business Drivers
  • Overview of Borderless Networks Market
  • Local Geography & Market Update: tailored for region of delivery
3. Borderless Networks Strategy, Vision & Architecture
  • The Borderless Networks Vision and Strategy
  • From “Good Enough” to “Next Generation” Networking
  • Seamless access and unified policy control for any device
4. Borderless Networks Architecture Framework and components
  • Mobility Solutions with Unified Wireless
  • Energy Management with EnergyWise
  • Enterprise Security with SecureX
  • Application Performance Optimization with Application Velocity
  • Multimedia optimization with Medianet
  • Network, device and service management with Cisco Prime
  • Exercise: Role-Play – Create an executive sales pitch on the value of Cisco's Borderless Networks Architecture
5. Selling Cisco BYOD
  • Exercise: Build Your Prospect
  • Market Opportunity
  • Competitive Landscape:
  • BYOD components: AnyConnect, ISE, Unified Wireless, the infrastructure, and Cisco Prime for management
  • Cisco's Beyond BYOD difference
6. Selling Identity-based Networking Solutions with ISE
  • Exercise: Build Your Prospect
  • Market Opportunity
  • Competitive Landscape:
  • Component Overview: Posture, Profile, Guest Services, 802.1X
  • From Wireless Only to Enterprise wide
7. Selling Cisco EnergyWise (Elective Module**)
  • Exercise: Build Your Prospect
  • The Energy Management Market
  • Competitive Landscape:
  • Energy Manamgent Business Drivers
  • Differentiating EnergyWise Orchestrator
8. Selling Application Velocity (Elective Module**)
  • Exercise: Build Your Prospect
  • Component Overview
  • Exploring Application Velocity Use Cases
  • Competitive Landscape:
  • The Application Velocity Value proposition
9. Selling Medianet (Elective Module**)
  • Exercise: Build Your Prospect
  • Market Opportunity
  • Exploring Business Video Use Cases
  • The purpose of Medianet
  • Describe Medianet Architecture
  • The Medianet Value proposition
10. Understanding the Competition and Differentiating Cisco
  • What Differentiates Cisco
  • Competitive Overview
  • Competitive Profiles
  • Exercise: Competitive Advantage Role-Play
11. Call to Action
  • What not to do
  • What to do

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