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Borderless Network Mobility for Account Managers (BNMAM)

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Detailed Course Outline

Introduction - The Changing Wireless Market
  • Market Changes
  • New User Behaviors / New User Demands
  • Business and Mobility Trends
  • BYOD / Borderless Access Drivers and Assumptions
  • BYOD / Borderless Access Key Functionality and Success
  • Customer Pain Points: Healthcare, Retail, Warehouse/Logistics
Wireless Fundamentals
  • Wireless Technology Basics
  • Wireless for the enterprise: Meshes, Standalone vs. Lightweight APs, Cisco Unified
  • Controller-Based Solution, WLCs
  • RF management
  • Mobility management
802.11n Essentials
  • Benefits of 802.11n Over 802.11a/b/g Networks
  • Transmit Beamforming (Cisco ClientLink)
Wireless Challenges
  • Mobility Challenges
  • Unified Access Challenges
Cisco Portfolio Overview
  • Cisco Mobility / Unified Access Portfolio
  • Enterprise-grade WLC for the Campus
  • AP3600
  • OfficeExtend 600 Series Access Points
  • WiSM2 Enhancement
The Cisco Mobility Difference
  • Competitive Differentiation
  • Recognizing Opportunities
  • Security
  • 802.1x based port authentication
  • Powerful 802.11n Dual-band Performance

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