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CIPTV2 Bridge: Implementing Cisco IP Telephony & Video, Part 2 (CIPTV2-BR)

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Detailed Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction

  • Overview
  • Course Goal and Objectives
  • Course Flow

Module 2: Understanding the CIPTV2 300-075 Exam

  • CIPTV2 300-075 Blueprint
  • Study Materials
  • Study Methods
  • Effort Required

Module 3: Implementing a URI-Based Dial Plan for Multi-site Deployments

  • URI Dialing Overview
  • URI Endpoint Addressing Review
  • URI Partitions and CSSs Review
  • URI Call Sources Review
  • Blended Addressing
  • FQDNs in Directory URIs
  • URI Call Routing
  • URI Dialing Crib Notes

Module 4: Bandwidth Management and Call Admission Control (CAC) Implementation

  • Managing Bandwidth
    • Bandwidth Management Options
    • Cisco Unified Communications Manager Codec Configuration
    • Local Conference Bridge Implementation
    • Transcoder Implementation
    • Multicast MOH from Branch Router Flash Implementation
  • Implementing CAC
    • Enhanced Location CAC Characteristics
    • Intracluster Enhanced Location CAC
    • Intercluster Enhanced Location CAC
    • Enhanced Location CAC Considerations
    • Automated Alternate Routing

Module 5: Cisco VCS and Cisco Expressway

  • Deployment Options
    • Series Overview
    • Deployment Options
    • Platforms, Licenses, and Features
    • Clustering
    • Initial Configuration
  • Deploying Users and Local Endpoints in Cisco VCS Control
    • User Authentication Options
    • Endpoint Registration
    • Endpoint Authentication
    • Cisco TMS Provisioning
    • Zones
    • Links
    • Pipes
  • Interconnecting Cisco Unified Communications Manager and Cisco VCS
    • Overview
    • Call Flow between Cisco Unified Communications Manager and Cisco VCS
    • Cisco VCS Dial Plan Components
    • Configuration of Cisco Unified Communications Manager and Cisco VCS Interconnections
    • FindMe Configuration Procedure
  • Implementing Unified Communications Mobile and Remote Access
    • Remote Access Overview
    • Components
    • Operations
    • Configuration Procedure
    • Cisco VCS and Cisco Expressway Crib Notes

Module 6: GDPR and CCD

  • Implementing ILS and GDPR
    • ILS Overview
    • ILS Networking
    • GDPR Overview
    • ILS Network Configuration Procedure
    • Exchange of Directory URIs
    • Configuration of Directory URI Exchange
    • Exchange of Numbers and Patterns
    • Configuration of Number and Pattern Exchange
    • Import and Export of Global Dial Plan Catalogs
  • Implementing CCD
    • SAF and CCD Overview
    • SAF Characteristics
    • CCD Characteristics
    • CCD Operation
    • Monitoring Learned Routes
    • Cisco Unified SRST Considerations
    • Considerations When Using Globalized Call Routing
    • Trunk Considerations
    • Considerations When Using Clustering Over the WAN
    • SAF and CCD Implementation Overview
    • Configure SAF and CCD


  • Implementing a URI-Based Dial Plan for Multi-site Deployments
    • Implement URI Dialing Within the HQ Cluster
    • Implement URI Call Routing Between the HQ, BR1, and BB Clusters
  • Implementing Bandwidth Management
    • Enable a Software Conference Bridge
    • Configure Regions
    • Implement Transcoders
    • Implement a Hardware Conference Bridge
  • Implementing Enhanced Location CAC
  • Configuring Cisco VCS Control to Register Endpoints
    • Perform Initial Cisco VCS Control Configuration
    • Enable Provisioning on the Cisco TMS Server and Cisco VCS Control
    • Configure a Subzone for Cisco Jabber Video for TelePresence Clients
  • Implementing a Dial Plan in Cisco VCS Control to Interconnect with CUCM
    • Configure CUCM to Connect with Cisco VCS
    • Configure Cisco VCS to Connect with CUCM
    • Configure Bandwidth Limitations Between Cisco VCS and CUCM
    • Configure FindMe for Cisco Jabber Video for TelePresence Clients
  • Implementing Mobile and Remote Access via Cisco Expressway
    • Implement Support for Internal Cisco Jabber Clients
    • Configure Initial Settings on Cisco Expressway Series
    • Configure Mobile and Remote Access on Cisco Expressway Series
    • Configure a Secure Traversal Zone Connection for Cisco Unified Communications
    • Configure Cisco Jabber to Register via Mobile and Remote Access
  • Implementing ILS and GPDR

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