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Cisco EnergyWise for AMs (EWAM)

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Detailed Course Outline

What is EnergyWise?
  • Cisco’s Borderless Network Architecture
  • The Business Energy Management portfolio
  • EnergyWise Components (Architecture, PoE, Switches, Mediator, etc)
  • Management Applications (LMS & Orchestrator)
  • EnergyWise Roadmap and Delivery Phases
What are the drivers behind EnergyWise?
  • Customer Drivers
  • Environmental Considerations
  • Reducing Energy Consumption & Cost
  • Complying with Government Directives
Selling EnergyWise
  • What challenges is it addressing
  • What benefits will the Customer see
  • Target demographics: Geographic & Vertical markets, Customer Profile
  • Who do we approach and what is our messaging?
  • Energy Management Best Practice
  • Articulating Value and Building a Business Case
  • ROI Exercise
  • Cisco’s Competitive Advantages
Supporting a Sale
  • Sales & Marketing Tools
  • BEM Service Portfolio
  • EnergyWise Partner Program

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