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FlexPod for Account Managers (FPAM)

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Detailed Course Outline

1: What is Cloud Computing?
  • What is Cloud Computing (attributes and benefits specific to cost, application delivery times and business agility)?
  • What are strategies for the successful journey to Cloud-delivered IT services?
2: FlexPod & ExpressPod Overview
  • FlexPod and ExpressPod Architectural and Configuration Overview
  • Flex/ExpressPod Positioning and Value Proposition
3: Qualifying the Customer Applications Needs
  • Characterizing the FlexPod impact to customers’ applications in terms of time and cost to deliver
  • Scaling Application CPU, Memory, I/O and Storage without adding servers
4: Messaging the Flex/ExpressPod Value Proposition
  • Articulating what a Flex/ExpressPod does for Application teams to improve application delivery at a lower cost and creating IT agility for Business Units and Agencies
5: Flex/ExpressPod Market Positioning
  • Juxtapose solution with similar Cisco UCS and Nexus components
  • Identify unique and differentiated Flex/ExpressPod value proposition
6: UCS Overview
  • Explain 3rd generation “x86” Server qualities
  • Identify UCS building blocks
7: FlexPod Validated Designs for Applications, Hypervisors and Multitenancy
  • Overview of Validate Designs Guide
  • Review Application (SAP, Citrix VDI, Windows Share Pt, Exchange and SQL) and Multi Tenant validated design guides (CVD)
  • Review HyperVisors design guides (Vsphere, Windows HyperV, Citrix and KVM)
8: Nexus 1000V and Unified Network Services Appliances
  • Introduction and updates to the Nexus 1000V
  • Introduces the Cisco Unified Network Service Appliances (Nexus 1010, VSG, vWaaS, vNAM)
  • VMware vSphere Overview
  • Microsoft Windows 8 and Hyper-V
  • Nexus 1000v and the Virtual Appliances offerings including the Virtual Services Gateway, vWaaS and vManagement appliances
  • Orchestration ITSM software

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