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FlexPod for VMware Administration (FPVA)

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Detailed Course Outline

1: Review FlexPod for VMware
  • Review FlexPod for VMware Hardware and Software
    • Discuss FlexPod for Shared Infrastructure Administration
    • Describe the NetApp components in FlexPod
    • Describe the Cisco Nexus components in FlexPod
    • Describe the VMware vSphere components in FlexPod
    • Describe FlexPod cabling
2: Nexus 5000 Switch Administration
  • Configuring the Nexus 5000 switch
    • Understand the log in process and accessing the switch configuration
    • Reviewing licensed features
    • Describe secure shell (SSH) configuration
    • Discuss configuration of access control lists
    • Describe how to save and restore the running configuration to/from boot flash
    • Describe how to upgrade the Cisco Nexus Operating System (Cisco NX-OS)
  • Configuring and Managing Nexus LAN Switches
    • Determine the need for Access versus Trunk Ports
    • Describe Unified Port and Interface Management
    • Understand VLAN Management and Troubleshooting
  • Configuring and Management of Nexus SAN Switching
    • Describe how to configure FCoE on the Nexus 5000
    • Describe VSAN administration
    • Understand VSAN trunking
    • Configuring SAN Port Channels
    • Understand Identifying Connected Devices
    • Understand VSAN Zoning
    • Describe N_Port Virtualization and N_Port ID Virtualization
3: Reviewing Cisco Management Tasks
  • Review Cisco UCS Basic Management Tasks
    • Describe high availability cluster requirements for the Cisco UCS 6100 fabric interconnects
    • Describe navigation of the Cisco UCS Manager interface
  • Understanding Compute Node LAN Connectivity
    • Describe server and uplink Ethernet ports in Cisco UCS
    • VLAN Management in the Cisco UCS Environment
    • Management of LAN Connectivity within Service Profiles
  • Understanding Compute Node SAN Connectivity
    • Review FC connectivity within UCS Manager
    • UCS VSAN administration
    • Management of SAN connectivity with Service Profiles
4: Cisco Unified Computing System Management
  • Resource Pools and Service Profiles Overview
    • Describe the resources managed by UCS
    • Describe advance management tasks for UCS service profiles
    • Understand advance deployment of service profiles using service profile templates
    • Understand Service Profile Templates and describe the need for pooled resources and identities
  • Cisco UCS Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)
    • Describe and configure role based access control (RBAC)
    • Discuss how RBAC can be utilized with FlexPod
  • Cisco UCS High Availability
    • Describe the high availability connectivity of the fabric interconnects
    • Describe the configuration and management of the fabric interconnects high availability configuration
5: Cisco Unified Computing System Management
  • Upgrading Software in Cisco UCS
    • Update the Cisco UCS B-Series firmware
    • Direct upgrade of Cisco Integrated Management Controllers, I/O module, and mezzanine adapter firmware
    • Describe software updates on the fabric interconnect
  • Backup and Restore UCS
    • Describe the supported backup types
    • Describe backup and import jobs
    • Describe how to configure a backup job
    • Describe how to configure an import job
  • Monitoring System Events in Cisco UCS
    • Describe event and fault monitoring using the UCS GUI
    • Describe the UCS audit logging
    • Describe Cisco UCS Call Home policies
6: Configuring NetApp Storage in FlexPod
  • Unified Storage Administration
    • Review Unified Storage Administration
    • Understand the FlexPod Storage Controller Configuration
    • Describe NetApp MultiStore vFilers
  • Understanding NetApp MultiStore Security
    • Understand storage administrator roles with storage
    • Understand MultiStore IPspace configuration
7: Storage High Availability, Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • High Availability
    • Describe NetApp high availability options and how these relate to MultiStore
    • Describe vFiler migration methodology
  • MultiStore Backup and Disaster Recovery
    • Manage Virtual Storage Console (VSC) backup functionality
    • Describe vFiler integration with SnapMirror
    • Understand vFiler integration with SnapVault
    • Understand how to use the vFiler disaster recovery command
8: Storage Efficiency on NetApp MultiStore
  • Overview of Virtual Storage Console (VSC) Rapid Virtual Machine Cloning
    • Describe NetApp FlexClone technology
    • Describe virtual machine rapid cloning using VSC
  • Deduplication of data within NetApp MultiStore
    • Explain deduplication
    • Explain how to deduplicate user data within a vFiler
    • Explain how to deduplicate VMware data
9: NetApp MultiStore Management Tools
  • vFiler Management
    • Describe how to manage the host storage controller
    • Describe vFiler management commands and explain the syntax
10: Administering VMware in a FlexPod Environment
  • Overview of VMware Architecture
    • Review the features and functions of VMware vSphere and vCenter
  • Configuring VMware on NetApp Storage
    • Manage datastores using vFiler iSCSI services
    • Manage datastores using vFiler NFS
    • Manage datastores using VSC
  • Role Based Access Control with vCenter (RBAC)
    • Understand how to create roles and assign user accounts with limited access rights within vCenter
11: Administering VMware in a FlexPod Environment
  • Overview of VMware Architecture
    • Describe creation of an organizational structure within vCenter
    • Understand management of resource pools
    • Describe how to add additional plug-ins to vCenter
    • Describe how to enable troubleshooting options and secure shell (SSH)
  • UCS Compute Setup
  • Configure Ethernet Interface as a Trunk Port on Nexus 5548
  • Service Profile Administration and advance vNIC/LAN policy administration
  • UCS Computing System Management
  • UCS Computing System Maintenance
  • Configure the Infrastructure Storage
  • Storage High Availability
  • Rapid Cloning with Virtual Storage Console
  • vFiler Administration Using NetApp On-Command System Manager
  • Advance Datastore Administration
  • VMware Administration and Troubleshooting

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