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IOE Relevance and Opportunities Workshop (IOEROW)

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Detailed Course Outline

IoE and the need for business value

  • How digitalisation transforms industries and creates value
  • Evaluate ways to unhide value creation through IoE
  • Understand the strategic top-down approach

Analyse the outside & inside world

  • Understand the link of Strategy, Operations/OT & IT (functional layers)
  • Identify the macro-economical influencing factors
  • Evaluate the competitive rivalry of a business
  • Identify the customers’ business model and value proposition (BMC)

Uncover Opportunities

  • Identify new business capabilities through IoE (front/core/foundation)
  • Structure new business capabilities and underlying use cases
  • Turn capabilities & use cases into sales opportunities
  • Structure and validate opportunities (opportunity map)

Find the (business) stakeholders

  • Identify relevant and responsible stakeholders (elevated Org Chart)
  • Describe buying center and power/interest of stakeholders
  • Analyse the stakeholders’ business challenges and build a strong value proposition accordingly (value maps)

Message to the market

  • Understand the ingredients of a strong message
  • Apply the messaging ingredients for different types of stakeholders
  • Create messages for each stakeholder

Closure & contract

  • Take the lead and define responsibilities, actions and time
  • Articulate next steps and embed into daily sales business



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