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Internet of Things Sales Engineer Workshop – Utilities Vertical (IOTSE-UTL)

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Detailed Course Outline

Module 1: IoT Account Team – Utilities Workshop

Objective: Understanding the current landscape and industry insights within the Utilities Vertical

  • Explore the current Landscape within the Utilities Vertical
    • Existing approaches in Infrastructure Zones (Generation, Transmission, Substation and Distribution)
    • Existing approaches in consumer zones (Home, Building, Data Centers and Distributed Generation and Storage)
    • Current Challenges within Utilities (Energy delivery, customer engagement, asset life-cycle management & optimization)
  • Business goals and Functional requirements aligned to IT/OT Convergence initiatives
    • NERC-CIP Regulatory Mandates
    • Automation
    • Network Management
    • Billing
    • Contact Centers
    • Metering
    • Data Analytics
  • Key care-abouts and Business Outcomes regarding the Utilities Vertical
  • Industry Trends leading to IT/OT Convergence, the next evolution of the Smart Grid
  • Industry drivers of IT/OT Convergence
  • Understand the opportunity that IT/OT Convergence creates
  • Workshop Exercise: mapping business outcomes to initiatives around IT/OT Convergence

Module 2: Explore Cisco IoT Portfolio of Solutions for Utilities

Objective: Understand the Cisco Portfolio of IoT Solutions and their use cases within the Utilities Vertical

  • Portfolio of Solutions Overview and Road Map
    • Field Area Networks
    • Distribution / Automation
    • Connected Field Workforce
    • Substation Automation
    • Big Data Analytics and Fog Computing
  • Business Outcomes:
    • Safety and Injury Free Environments
    • Customer Satisfaction
    • Reliable Transmission and Distribution
    • Protecting the Environment
    • Workforce Engagement
    • Operating Efficiency and Cost Reductions
  • Functional and non-Functional Requirements Gathering
  • Cisco IoT Use Cases and References
  • Deep Dive into Cisco GridBlocks Architectural Model and other Reference Models
  • Facilitated Application Workshop: Prepare presentation on how a Cisco IoT Solution can meet a Utilities Use Case
  • Workshop Exercise: Whiteboarding a Cisco IoT Utilities Solution
  • Workshop Exercise: Traceability of Requirements to Cisco IoT Solution Design

Module 3: Implementation of the IoT Sales Model for Utilities

Module Objective: Articulate and align Cisco’s IoT Portfolio of Solutions to relevant use cases using the IoT Utilities Sales Model

  • Overview of the traditional OT Utilities Sales Process
    • Traditional RFP, RFI and RFQ Procurement channels
  • Understand the Business Outcomes Approach (BOA) for IoT Utilities Sales
    • Customer Discovery
    • Identify and Design
    • Proof of Value
    • Offer and Accept
    • Realize Customer Value
  • Understand the value of the SE Technical Account Review Tool
    • Readiness Assessment
    • Priority of Needs
    • Technology Maturity Level
    • Practice Development
  • Align BOA to Proposal Development and RFP Response processes in Utilities
  • Align BOA to Requirements Gathering and Traceability processes in Utilities
  • Understand Lifecycle Service Delivery Approach for Cisco’s IoT Utility Portfolio of Solutions
  • Facilitated Application Workshops:
    • Group Activity: Customer Role-play— highlighting relevant Cisco IoT solutions and the business benefit to the customer; articulating the technical and business value of the Cisco IoT Solutions
  • Self-Directed Activity: Proposal Building Exercises using IoT Sales Model

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