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Cisco ISE Solutions for Account Managers (ISEAM)

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Detailed Course Outline

Introduction to Cisco ISE Solutions and Component Overview
  • High-level look at the components within the ISE Solution
  • Identity-based networking
  • Role-based access strategy
  • High-level overview of Guest Access
  • High-level overview of Location Aware Network Access
  • High-level overview of wireless endpoint device profiling
  • High-level overview of wireless endpoint posture and remediation
  • Identity based Network Access and Policy Enforcement for wireless clients
Identifying ISE Sales Opportunities
  • Summary of the optimal marketplace
  • Identifying the perfect prospect
  • Qualifying the prospect
  • Addressing switch, access point and WLC upgrades as a part of an ISE sale
  • ISE and Mobility Solution drivers
Identifying and working with key players in ISE Solution related decisions
  • Engaging the powerbase and Line of Business
  • Who is the targeted buyer?
  • What is their compelling reason to buy?
  • Mapping the ISE Solution and Borderless Networking to business transformation
  • CIO/CTO/CSO priorities and how to meet them
  • Knowing the motivations of the key IT/InfoSec/Compliance decision makers
  • Matching the selling to the role – LoB
  • Value propositions for CxO Sales
  • Matching the selling to the role – “C” Suite
  • How to position Cisco’s market leadership in NAC/AAA markets as well as how ISE supports competitive advantage over other BYOD solutions
  • Addressing the present and future explosive growth of non-user devices on the network, and how that affects threat surface
  • Focusing on Standards (802.1x, 802.1AE)
Describing Cisco’s Value Proposition for ISE and Borderless Network Mobility Solutions
  • Why Cisco for wireless security?
  • Why are Borderless Networks inevitable?
  • How these trends transform business
  • Summary of ISE and Mobility Solution drivers
  • The key to a good value proposition
  • Unforeseen opportunities
  • Becoming a trusted advisor
  • Complex sales process skills to help position ISE solutions
  • Good value propositions for the prospect
  • Qualified need responses: proof
  • Quantifying the pain
  • The hierarchy of needs and values
  • Review of the competitive landscape
Positioning Cisco ISE solutions in a customer’s architecture
  • Identifying organizational challenges
  • Top concerns for 802.1X and Mobility solutions
  • Dealing with migrations and lifecycle
  • Long-term strategy instead of selling boxes

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