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Professional Cloud Service Manager (PCSVM)

Course Description Kurs tarihleri Course Outline

Detailed Course Outline

Day 1
  • Suppliers, Brokers and Carrier Management
  • Cloud Service Strategy
  • Federated Cloud Service Desk
  • Cloud Asset Transition Management
  • Cloud Ecosystem Management
  • Service Management in different Cloud Scenarios
  • Cloud Tiers and Service Management Availability
  • Distributed and Federated SLA
Day 2
  • Cost of Quality, Acquisition, Transition and Operation in Cloud
  • IaaS Service Manager
  • IaaS: Deployment Automation and Elastic Sizing of Environments
  • IaaS: Cloud Infrastructure Service Benchmarking
  • IaaS: VM Deployment and Maintenance Life Cycle
  • Spot Cloud Market Operations (IaaS)
  • PaaS Service Manager
Day 3
  • Managed Cloud Platform
  • Platform Capacity Management
  • SaaS Service Manager
  • SaaS: Cloud service catalogs and application marketplaces (SaaS)
  • End to End Service Management (SaaS)
  • Service License Management
  • Certification Exam Preparation

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