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Configuring and Administering Microsoft SharePoint 2010 (10174)

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Detailed Course Outline

Module 1: Introducing SharePoint 2010

  • Evaluate the Features of SharePoint 2010
  • Prepare for SharePoint 2010
  • Install SharePoint 2010
  • Advanced Installation of SharePoint 2010

Module 2: Creating a SharePoint 2010 Intranet

  • Perform Initial Farm Configuration
  • Configure the SharePoint Logical Structure
  • Explore the SharePoint Web Application and Physical Architecture

Module 3: Administering and Automating SharePoint

  • Configure Central Administration
  • Administer SharePoint from the Command Line
  • Automate SharePoint Operations with Windows PowerShell

Module 4: Configuring Content Management

  • Optimize Content Storage and Access
  • Manage Site Content Types and Site Columns
  • Configure the Managed Metadata Service

Module 5: Configuring Authentication

  • Classic SharePoint Authentication Providers
  • Federated Authentication

Module 6: Securing Content

  • Administer SharePoint Users and Groups
  • Implement SharePoint Roles and Role Assignments
  • Secure and Audit SharePoint Content

Module 7: Managing SharePoint Customizations

  • Customize SharePoint
  • Deploy and Manage Features and Solutions
  • Configure Sandboxed Solutions

Module 8: Configuring and Securing SharePoint Services and Applications

  • Secure the Enterprise SharePoint Service
  • Secure and Isolate Web Applications
  • Configure Service Applications

Module 9: User Profiles and Social Networking

  • Configure User Profiles
  • Implement SharePoint 2010 Social Networking Features

Module 10: Administering and Configuring SharePoint Search

  • Configure Search
  • Refine Search

Module 11: Implementing Office Web Apps

  • Implement Business Connectivity Services
  • Configuring Excel Services Application
  • Understanding PerformancePoint Services
  • Configuring InfoPath Forms Services
  • Implementing Visio Services Features
  • Implementing Access Services
  • Implementing Office Web Apps

Module 12: Implementing Business Continuity

  • Lesson 1: Configure High availability
  • Lesson 2: Backup and Restore SharePoint

Module 13: Monitoring and Optimizing SharePoint Performance

  • Monitor Performance
  • SharePoint Health Analyzer
  • Usage reports and web analytics
  • Monitor and Optimize SharePoint Performance
  • Creating Active Directory Accounts for SharePoint
  • Installing SharePoint Server Prerequisites
  • Installing SharePoint Server
  • Configuring the SharePoint Installation
  • Configuring the SharePoint Installation
  • Installing a Language Pack (Optional)
  • Creating a Web Application
  • Creating a Site Collection
  • Creating a Site Collection in a New Content Database
  • Adding SharePoint Functionality to Windows PowerShell
  • Delegating the Ability to Use Windows PowerShell to Manage SharePoint
  • Reporting Web and Site Collection Properties
  • Creating Site Collections Using Windows PowerShell
  • Creating and Updating Items
  • Configuring List Throttling
  • Enabling FILESTREAM and Provisioning the RBS Data Store
  • Installing RBS on All SharePoint Web and Application Servers
  • Configuring the BLOB Size Threshold for RBS
  • Configuring and Implementing Managed Metadata
  • Creating and Configuring an ASP.NET Membership Database
  • Creating a Web Application that Uses Claims-Based Authentication
  • Creating User Accounts for Access to External Data
  • Configuring Secure Store Services
  • Configuring Secure Store Unattended Accounts
  • Managing SharePoint Groups
  • Creating Custom Permission Levels
  • Managing Permissions and Inheritance
  • Creating a Web Application Policy
  • Administering Features
  • Administering Solutions
  • Administering SandBoxed Solutions
  • Modifying SandBoxed Solutions Timer Jobs
  • Configuring Sandbox Points
  • Administering SharePoint Services
  • Administering SharePoint Windows Services
  • Configuring Web Application and Application Pool Security
  • Configuring Secure Sockets Layer Security
  • Creating a Service Application
  • Creating a User Profile Service Application
  • Configuring User Profiles
  • Configuring Profile Import from External Data Sources
  • Configuring My Sites
  • Creating Your My Site and Profile
  • Configuring Social Networking Features
  • Creating Content for Search
  • Creating an Enterprise Search Center Site
  • Creating and Configuring a Content Source
  • Configuring File Types
  • Configuring Search Settings
  • Configuring Managed Properties
  • Creating and Configuring a Search Scope
  • Creating Keywords and Best Bets
  • Configuring a Thesaurus
  • Configuring Noise Words
  • Installing and Configuring Office Web Apps
  • Configuring and Testing the Office Web Apps in a Document Library
  • Performing SQL Server Database Maintenance
  • Moving a Site Collection Between Content Databases
  • Preparing SQL Server Databases for Upgrade
  • Preparing SharePoint 2007 for Upgrade
  • Upgrading SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2010
  • Upgrading Content Databases
  • Implementing a Visual Upgrade
  • Backing Up SharePoint Using Central Administration
  • Investigating SharePoint Backup Logs and Files
  • Automating SharePoint Backup Using Windows PowerShell
  • Restoring a Web Application Using Central Administration
  • Investigating SharePoint Restore Logs and Files
  • Performing a Partial Restore
  • Configuring SharePoint Diagnostic Logging
  • Configuring Health Analyzer Rules
  • Reviewing and Repairing Health Analyzer Problems
  • Configuring SharePoint Usage Data Collection
  • Creating Reports from the Logging Database

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