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Introduction to Azure for Developers (10978)

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Detailed Course Outline

Module 1: Overview of Azure
  • Azure Overview
  • Working with the Azure platform
  • Cloud Application Scenarios
Module 2: Creating and Managing Services in Azure
  • What is a Azure Service?
  • Software as a Service
  • Platform as a Service
  • Infrastructure as a Service
Module 3: Managing Infrastructure in Azure
  • Infrastructure in Azure
  • Azure Virtual Machines
Module 4: Creating Web Sites using Azure
  • Azure Websites
  • Hosting Web Applications in Azure
  • Configuring an Azure Website
  • Publishing an Azure Website
  • Monitoring an Azure Website
Module 5: Creating Modular Web Applications Using Azure
  • What is a Cloud Service?
  • Cloud Service Web Roles
  • Configuring a Web Role
  • Monitoring a Web Role
Module 6: Processing Background Logic Using Azure
  • Cloud Service Worker Roles
  • Creating a Worker Role
  • Configuring a Worker Role
  • Caching Data Using Roles
Module 7: Storing SQL Data in Azure
  • What is Azure SQL?
  • Managing Servers And Databases in Azure SQL
  • Using Azure SQL with Data Tools
  • Migrating Data to Azure SQL
  • Using Azure SQL With Entity Framework
Module 8: Storing non-relational data in Azure
  • What is Azure Storage?
  • Azure Table Storage
  • Using the Azure SDK to Manipulate Data in Table Storage
  • Monitoring Table Storage
  • Using Table Storage in the Storage Emulator
Module 9: Storing Files and Media in Azure
  • Azure Blob Storage
  • Applying Permissions to Blob Storage
  • Using the Azure SDK to manipulate data in Blob Storage
  • Monitoring BLOB Storage
  • Using Blob Storage in the Storage Emulator
Module 10: Storing Data in Queues Using Azure
  • Overview of Queues in Azure
  • Azure Queue Storage
  • Using the Azure SDK to manipulate data in Queue Storage
  • Monitoring Queue Storage
  • What is Azure Service Bus?
  • Azure Service Bus Queues
  • Using the Azure SDK to Manipulate Data in Service Bus Queues
Module 11: Relaying Web Services Using Azure
  • Service Bus Relay
  • Implementing Service Bus Relay
Module 12: Asynchronously Notifying Applications Using Azure
  • Azure Service Bus Notification Hubs
  • Registering Devices with a Notification Hub
  • Pushing Messages to a Notification Hub
Module 13: Implementing Security in Web Applications using Azure
  • Azure Active Directory
  • Azure AD Directory
  • Azure AD Access Control Service
  • Azure AD Multi-Factor Authentication Provider
Module 14: Deploying Web Applications to Azure
  • Deployment Strategies for Azure Web Applications
  • Deploying Web Applications Using Cloud Service Packages
  • Monitoring Cloud Applications
Module 15: Developing Mobile Services using Azure
  • Azure Mobile Services
  • Communicating with Mobile Services
  • Customizing Mobile Services
  • Securing Mobile Services
  • Using the Azure Management Portal
  • Managing a Azure Subscription
  • Creating a Azure Service Using the Management Portal
  • Creating A Azure Service Using Visual Studio 2013
  • Managing Azure Services
  • Create a Logical Network using Azure
  • Create a Development Virtual Machine using Azure
  • Configure the Virtual Machine for Development
  • Create an Azure Website
  • Deploy an ASP.NET Web Application to an Azure Website
  • Configure an Azure Website
  • Create an Azure Cloud Service project
  • Create an Azure Cloud Service Web Role from an existing project
  • Configuring the properties of an Azure Cloud Service project
  • Debugging an Azure Cloud Service project
  • Create a C# Class Library
  • Add the Class Library to a Cloud Service Project
  • Debug Worker Roles in a Cloud Service Project
  • Create an Azure SQL instance
  • Using Entity Framework with Azure SQL
  • Implement Azure Table Storage
  • Populating the Table with Data
  • Querying the Data
  • Inspecting the Table
  • Implement Azure Blob Storage
  • Populating the Container with Files and Media
  • Retrieving Files and Media from the Container
  • Specifying Permissions for the Container
  • Creating a Azure Service Bus Namespace
  • Create an Azure Queue Storage instance
  • Retrieving Messages from Azure Queue Storage
  • Create a Service Bus Queue
  • Retrieving Messages from a Service Bus Queue
  • Creating a Azure Service Bus Namespace
  • Validate the WCF Service
  • Connecting a WCF Service to a Service Bus Namespace
  • Creating a Azure Service Bus Notification Hub
  • Registering a Client Application to a Service Bus Notification Hub
  • Pushing a Message to a Service Bus Notification Hub
  • Create an Azure AD Directory
  • Manage the Azure AD Directory
  • Integrate Azure AD with ASP.NET Identity
  • Manage Configuration Settings for a Cloud Service Project
  • Deploy the Web Applications to Azure
  • Monitor the Web Applications in Azure
  • Create a Azure Mobile Services Instance
  • (optional) Create a Mobile Service Custom API
  • Consume the Mobile Service using the Windows Phone 8 Application

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