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Upgrading Your Skills to MCSA Windows 8 (20689)

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Detailed Course Outline

Module 1: Installing Windows 8
This module explains how to plan and perform the installation of Windows 8.


  • Introducing Windows 8
  • Preparing to Install Windows 8
  • Installing Windows 8
  • Activating Windows 8

Lab : Installing Windows 8

  • Planning to Install Windows 8
  • Performing a Clean Installation of Windows 8

Module 2: Upgrading and Migrating to Windows 8
This module explains how to install Windows 8 on computers that are running earlier versions of Windows.


  • Upgrading to Windows 8
  • Migrating to Windows 8
  • Migrating User Data and Settings

Lab : Migrating to Windows 8

  • Migrating User Data with USMT

Module 3: Administering Windows 8
This module explains how to administer Windows 8.


  • Performing the Local and the Remote Management of Windows 8
  • Implementing Group Policies
  • Administering Windows 8 with Windows Intune
  • Introduction to Windows PowerShell 3.0
  • Windows PowerShell Remoting

Lab : Implementing GPOs

  • Creating Multiple GPOs
  • Testing the Application of the GPOs

Lab : Administering Windows 8 with Windows PowerShell ISE

  • Performing Common Administrative Tasks

Module 4: Implementing an Application Strategy for Windows 8
This module explains how to implement a strategy for deploying and managing applications on computers running Windows 8.


  • Application Deployment Options in Windows 8
  • Mitigating Application Compatibility Issues

Lab : Mitigating Application Compatibility Issues

  • Analyzing Applications for Potential Compatibility Issues
  • Identifying Application Compatibility Issues

Module 5: Configuring Applications
This module explains how to install, configure, and control applications in Windows 8.


  • Install and Configure Applications
  • Managing Apps from the Windows Store
  • Configuring Settings in Internet Explorer
  • Configuring Application Restrictions in the Enterprise

Lab : Configuring Security in Internet Explorer

  • Configuring Internet Explorer

Lab : Configuring AppLocker

  • Configuring AppLocker Rules
  • Testing AppLocker Rules

Module 6: Configuring Remote Access
This module explains how to enable remote access by configuring VPN and DirectAccess.


  • Configuring VPN Access
  • Overview of DirectAccess

Lab : Configuring DirectAccess

  • Enabling a Remote Access Server
  • Implementing DirectAccess

Module 7: Implementing Storage in Windows 8
This module explains the important storage concepts and technologies in Windows 8.It also describes how to implement BitLocker and how Microsoft SkyDrive provides cloud-based storage for Windows Live users.


  • Understanding Storage Concepts in Windows 8
  • Implementing BitLocker
  • File Caching
  • Overview of SkyDrive

Lab : Implementing BitLocker

  • Recovering a Drive Encrypted by BitLocker

Module 8: Protecting and Recovering Windows 8
This module explains how to configure Windows Defender, back up and restore files in Windows 8, and recover a computer running Windows 8.


  • Configuring Host-Based Virus and Malware Protection
  • Backing Up and Restoring Files in Windows 8
  • Recovery Options in Windows 8

Lab : Recovering Windows 8

  • Exploring Recovery Options in Windows 8
  • Introducing a Simulated Problem
  • Resolving the Problem

Module 9: Implementing Client Hyper-V
This module introduces you to Client Hyper-V in the Windows 8 operating system and explains the fundamentals of working with virtual machines in the Client Hyper-V environment.


  • Overview of Client Hyper-V
  • Creating Virtual Machines
  • Managing Virtual Hard Disks
  • Managing Snapshots

Lab : Implementing Client Hyper-V

  • Installing Client Hyper-V
  • Creating a Virtual Network and a Virtual Machine
  • Managing Virtual Machines

Module 10: Implementing the Online Features of Windows 8
This module is a stand-alone lab that explains how to implement the online features of Windows 8.

Lab : Implementing the Online Features of Windows 8

  • Renaming Your Host Computer
  • Using SkyDrive
  • Installing an App from the Windows Store

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