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NetApp OnCommand Unified Manager Administration (OCADM)

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Detailed Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction to NetApp OnCommand Management Software
  • Describe the OnCommand portfolio of products
  • Describe OnCommand management software and its capabilities
Module 2: Installing and Configuring OnCommand Unified Manager
  • Install and configure the OnCommand Unified Manger
  • Configure AutoSupport
Module 3: Monitoring Storage Systems
  • Monitor storage objects
  • Manage groups of storage objects
  • Manage users and roles for OnCommand Unified Manager
Module 4: Describing Provisioning and Protection Capabilities
  • Describe the OnCommand protection and provisioning capabilities
  • Create resource pools and datasets
  • Associate datasets with resource pools, protection policies, and provisioning policies
  • Create storage services
Module 5: Protecting and Restoring Virtual Objects
  • Back up virtual objects
  • Mount virtual objects
  • Restore virtual objects
Module 6: Recovering Data
  • Use the protection capability to restore data
  • Perform failover and failback
Module 7: Working with Provisioning and Protection Capabilities
  • Manage external relationships
  • Describe the job engine
  • Edit datasets
  • Manage secondary space
Module 8: Creating and Managing vFiler Units
  • Create vFiler units
  • Create vFiler templates
  • Migrate vFiler units
  • Migrate datasets
Module 9: Managing Storage Systems
  • Monitor storage system events
  • Manage users of the storage systems
  • Manage configuration settings
  • Create reports
Module 10: Working with Performance Advisor
  • Provide an overview of Performance Advisor
  • Diagnose performance issues
  • Perform event correlation
  • Export performance data
  • Configure data collection
  • View performance data
Lab Exercises

2-1 Verify the installation of core packageand host package
2-2 Securing storage systems
2-3 Discovering storage systems
2-4 Configuring AutoSupport
3-1 Configuring groups of storage systems
3-2 Creating OnCommand Unified Manager
4-1 Installing the NetApp Management Console
4-2 Create resource pools
4-3 Create a provisioning policy for NAS and secondary storage
4-4 Create datasets
4-5 Create protection policies and schedules
4-6 Associate datasets with protection policies and resource pools
4-7 Use the storage service wizard to create a storage service and to apply it to a new dataset
5-1 Configuring host service
6-1 Perform failover and failback
7-1 Importing relationships into OnCommand Unified Manager
7-2 Perform Secondary Space Management
7-3 Delete Snapshot copies for a dataset
7-4 Resize secondary storage for a dataset
7-5 Run On-Demand deduplication
7-6 Modifying a dataset
7-7 Troubleshooting the provisioning capability
7-8 Troubleshooting the protection capability
8-1 Create and set up a vFiler unit
8-2 Migrate a vFiler unit
9-1 Monitoring storage systems events
9-2 Creating users and roles on the storage system
9-3 Configuring storage systems
9-4 Create reports
10-1 Configuring data collection
10-2 Defining thresholds and creating alerts
10-3 Viewing performance data
10-4 Perform performance diagnosis


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