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OpenShift Enterprise Administration (CL280)

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Detailed Course Outline

Module 1: What is OpenShift?

  • Understand the OpenShift Enterprise architecture

Module 2: Deploy OpenShift

  • Perform an automated deployment of OpenShift Enterprise

Module 3: Deploy an infrastructure host

  • Install and configure an OpenShift Enterprise broker host

Module 4: Deploy a node host

  • Install and configure an OpenShift Enterprise node host

Module 5: Resource management

  • Configure user and gear limits
  • Create and configure districts

Module 6: Deploy applications

  • Deploy and manage applications on OpenShift Enterprise using command line tools

Module 7: Use quickstarts

  • Hit the ground running with pre-built applications

Module 8: Obtain metrics with Watchman

  • Configure and manage OpenShift Enterprise metrics with Watchman

Module 9: Use administration console

  • Get usage stats of OpenShift Enterprise with administration console

Module 10: Create and deploy custom cartridges

  • Understand custom cartridges development and deployment on OpenShift Enterprise

Module 11: Map a development team[/h43] [list][*]Map a development team structure using OpenShift Enterprise user schema options[/list]


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