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VMware vCloud Director: Organization Administration (VCDOA)

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Detailed Course Outline

Course Introduction

  • Review course goals
  • Review course objectives
  • Review the course outline
  • Recognize vCloud Director Essentials/Fundamentals course elements

Concepts and Terms

  • Describe cloud computing
  • Describe the relationship between vCloud Director and VMware vSphere®
  • Describe vCloud Director features
  • Describe the role of the organization administrator

VMware vCloud Networking

  • Describe the types of networks in a vCloud Director cloud
  • Describe the differences between organization administrator and system administrator privileges in relation to organization networks
  • Describe the function of network pools
  • Configure an organization routed network
  • Configure an organization internal network

VMware vCloud Virtual Data Centers

  • Identify storage resources for vCloud Director
  • Identify compute and memory resources for vCloud Director
  • Describe provider vDCs
  • Manage organization vDCs

VMware vCloud Director Organization Management

  • Describe organization leases
  • Describe organization quotas
  • Describe organization limits
  • Configure organization name
  • Configure organization email preferences

VMware vCloud Director Catalog Management

  • Describe catalogs
  • Describe the difference between publishing catalogs and sharing catalogs
  • Describe catalog access
  • Create and manage catalogs

VMware vCloud Catalog Media Files Management

  • Upload media files
  • Copy media files
  • Manage media files

VMware vCloud vApp Templates Management

  • Describe a vApp template
  • Upload and download vApp templates
  • Manage vApp templates

VMware vCloud vApp Management

  • Describe vApps
  • Create and manage vApps
  • Create and manage vApp networks

VMware vCloud Virtual Machine Management

  • Access a virtual machine (console, remote connection)
  • Control virtual machine operations (power, suspend, snapshots)
  • Manage virtual machines (properties, VMware® Tools™, virtual machine version)
  • Control virtual machine removable storage (insert and eject CD/DVD and floppy)
  • Manage virtual machine guest operating system support (customization)

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