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Cisco IOS XR 64-Bit Software Operational Enhancements (IOSXR210)

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Course Overview

The Cisco IOS XR 64-Bit Software Operational Enhancements (IOSXR210) course is an instructor-led, lab-based, hands-on course offered by Cisco® Learning Services. It covers the software architecture and explores software features of the Cisco IOS® XR 64-bit operating system.

This course will examine the software architecture, boot process, and auto-provisioning of the Cisco IOS XR 64-bit software, as well as show students how to install Cisco IOS XR and third-party software packages. It will also investigate data models and show students how to implement telemetry, model-driven programmability, and application hosting.

Kimler katılmalı

This course is designed for technical professionals who need to learn about the Cisco IOS XR 64-bit software operational enhancements.

Targeted roles include:

  • Systems engineers
  • Technical architects
  • Technical support personnel
  • Channel partners and resellers


Course prerequisites

Introduction to Cisco IOS XR (IOSXR100)

Recommended prerequisites

Cisco recommends that you have the following prerequisite knowledge and skills:

  • Knowledge of general routing concepts
  • Experience working with Cisco IOS XR Command-Line Interface (CLI)-based network devices

Kurs hedefi

Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Describe the Cisco IOS XR 64-bit software architecture and Linux system fundamentals
  • Perform and explain Cisco IOS XR 64-bit software installations
  • Configure and describe Cisco IOS XR 64-bit software features

Kurs içeriği

Module 1: Software Architecture and Linux Fundamentals
  • Cisco IOS XR 64-Bit Software Fundamentals
  • Exploring Linux Fundamentals
  • Creating User Profiles
Module 2: Cisco IOS XR 64-Bit Software Installation
  • Examining the Boot Process
  • Performing Disaster Recovery
  • Installing Software Packages
  • Migrating to Cisco IOS XR 64-Bit Software
Module 3: Cisco IOS XR 64-Bit Software Features
  • Investigating Data Models
  • Implementing Telemetry
  • Exploring Model-Driven Programmability
  • Employing Application Hosting
Classroom training
Modality: C

Süre 3 Gün

Ücret (excl. KDV)
  • Türkiye: 2.100,- €
  • Bulgaristan: 2.100,- €
  • Litvanya: 2.100,- €
  • Romanya: 2.100,- €
  • Slovakia: 2.100,- €
  • Sırbistan: 2.100,- €
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Online training
Modality: L
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