Postgres Plus Advanced Database Administration (EDB210)

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This training course takes the database administrator beyond the basics covered in the Essentials class. You will learn how to best fulfil the more advanced DBA responsibilities including database tuning and benchmarking, monitoring, setting up high availability and replication, and more. The concepts and architecture that support these more in-depth topics, along with the options available to carry them out, are covered in detail. This includes how to make the best use of tools available to more efficiently perform these tasks. Postgres Plus Advanced Database Administration gives you a unique opportunity to get trained and certified on advanced database administration for PPAS. Increase your knowledge and enhance your skill proficiency using the latest and most powerful version of Postgres Plus Advanced Server.

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This class is designed for DBAs, Sys Admins, IT Professionals and Database Managers who are responsible for ongoing and advanced administration and maintenance of Postgres Plus Advanced Server, including implementing strategic database solutions. The class is supplemented with hands-on exercises that reinforce the material covered, and includes the ability to get certified, validating your skills and helping you to be more effective.


A working knowledge of relational databases and a basic knowledge of Linux.

Classroom training
Modality: G

Süre 5 Gün

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