FlexPod for VMware Essentials (FPVE)

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Course Overview

This course has been replaced by the FlexPod Implementation (FPI) course. FPI is a combination of FPVE and FlexPod for VMware Design and Implementation (FPVI), upgraded to the reflect the content of the latest Cisco Validated Design for FlexPod, and incorporating NetApp’s Clustered Data ONTAP technology.

FPVE and FPVI are still available for those interested in legacy designs featuring NetApp 7-mode technology. To learn more or to schedule training, contact us at info@fastlaneus.com.

Kimler katılmalı

This course is intended for:

  • Technical solutions architects
  • System engineers
  • Network Administration Personnel


Some background in Cisco routing and switching is strongly recommended.

Kurs hedefi

Upon completing this course, you will be able to meet these overall objectives:

  • Describe the major components comprising a base FlexPod for VMware deployment
  • Understand the relationship between the FlexPod for VMware components and the proper configuration order and steps for successful deployment
  • Perform basic configuration and validation of the FlexPod for VMware components
  • Identify the value proposition that FlexPod for VMware delivers

Kurs içeriği

This 2-day course teaches you how to prepare for and deploy FlexPod in a VMware environment with an emphasis on exploiting the key technologies in the Cisco Nexus series of switches.

FPVI, FPVA, IESMT, UCUCS and VXDI are all excellent follow-on courses.

Kurs tarihleri

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