OpenStack Troubleshooting (OSTRBL)

Course Description Kurs tarihleri Course Outline

Kimler katılmalı

  • Systems Engineers
  • Data Center Engineers/Designers
  • Network Administrators/Managers


  • Experience with networking
  • Experience with OpenStack Fundamentals
  • Solid understanding of virtualization and hypervisors

Kurs hedefi

  • Describe OpenStack architecture
  • Troubleshoot OpenStack services (Nova, Neutron, Glance, Cinder, Swift, Keystone and Horizon)
  • Deploy the OpenStack environment
  • Troubleshoot OpenStack deployment

Kurs içeriği

OpenStack is quickly becoming the technology of choice for private and public Cloud infrastructures. Installers might make the deployment seem easy but troubleshooting it requires in-depth understanding of OpenStack concepts, architecture and elements involved. This 5 days, hands-on, instructor led course was developed by OpenStack practitioners in collaboration with Cisco to train Global Technical Support. This course covers the OpenStack Core Components (Nova, Neutron, Glance, Cinder, Swift, Keystone, Horizon) troubleshooting of all components as well as Cisco Neutron Plugins and ACI.

The hands-on labs associated with this course ensure reinforcement of the objectives of installation, configuration and troubleshooting of OpenStack deployments and the critical questions that may arise

Kurs tarihleri

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