00301927 - Migrating to an Open Standards, Rev 11.21 (MOSN)

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Professionals who design, implement, and maintain network solutions based on HP and Cisco technologies, including systems engineers, systems designers, customer IT staff, HP services field and call center support engineers.



  • ASE-Network Infrastructure [2011] certification


  • Cisco CCNP certification.


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Gartner and other analysts have been discussing the benefits of multi-vendor environments for several years. Gone are the days of single-vendor network infrastructures where proprietary solutions were the norm. Gone too are the days when network engineers could build expertise on a single vendor’s networking platforms. HP’s Migrating to an Open Standards Network course teaches:

  • how to assess a network
  • identify the proprietary Layer 2 and Layer 3 protocols being used.
  • how to migrate the network to the open-standards counterpart for each proprietary protocol.
  • asses risk factors
  • develop step-by-step migration strategies for networks while reducing potential downtime
  • how to upgrade existing access-layer, distribution, and core switches, based on the Layer 2 or Layer 3 protocols they support.

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The HP Migrating to an Open Standards Network is one of how many courses that prepares candidates for the HP ExpertONE Master Accredited System Engineer (MASE) certification. The HP Migrating to an Open Standards Network course focuses on the advantages of using open-standard protocols on contemporary networks. It teaches network designers and network engineers how to migrate proprietary protocols to open-standard protocols and then helps them develop migration strategies that reduce both risk and downtime. Once the network is running open-standard protocols, they learn how to upgrade the edge and core.

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