00279976 - Secure Wireless Solutions with HP RF Manager Rev. 11.11 (SWSRFM)

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Professionals who design, implement, and maintain wireless network solutions, including systems engineers, systems designers, customer IT staff, HP services field, and call center support engineers.


Students must complete the following prerequisite courses or certification tracks before attending Secure Wireless Solutions with HP RF Manager:

  • HP ASE Wireless Networks [2011] certification
  • HP Enterprise Wireless Networks training

Kurs hedefi

Secure Wireless Solutions with HP RF Manager explains how to configure RF Manager so that it protects your wireless (and therefore your wired) network from a variety of threats. You will learn how to configure RF Manager so that it automatically takes action against threats or notifies you of suspicious activity. You will also learn how to deploy and configure sensors to best protect a company’s unique environment.

Kurs içeriği

Secure Wireless Solutions with HP RF Manager is an instructor-led course that focuses on wireless intrusion detection and protection. You will learn about the specific types of threats HP RF Manager detects and learn how RF Manager works with sensors to locate and mitigate these threats. You will then learn how to use RF Manager to locate and quarantine rogue access points (APs) and set up intrusion prevention to enforce a company’s overall security policy.

Classroom training
Modality: G

Süre 1 gün

Ücret (excl. KDV)
  • Türkiye: 400,- €
  • Polonya: 400,- €
  • Bulgaristan: 400,- €
  • Slovakia: 400,- €
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