00313556 - Troubleshooting HP Enterprise Wireless Networks. Rev. 11.21 (TEWN)

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This class is for senior network administrators and technicians specializing in enterprise wireless deployments.


Students must complete the following prerequisite courses before attending Troubleshooting HP Enterprise Wireless Networks:

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Students will learn troubleshooting techniques to resolves issues with HP Networking A-Series Wireless Product deployment and operation. Instruction and student activities will focus on using IMC as a troubleshooting tool throughout the course.

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Students will learn to identify and resolve issues related to client connectivity, roaming, and authentication using network management software and device debugging commands. Students will become familiar with common issues and their resolutions as well as troubleshooting methods and tools that are used to identify and resolve unfamiliar or undocumented issues.

The course is a 3-day instructor-led course, 40% lecture, 40% hands-on labs, 10% activity, and 10% review. Generally the student lab activities will consist of identifying, defining, resolving, and documenting issues with wireless networking, as well as reporting their approach and results back to the class.

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