ITIL V3 Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management Plus (ITIL3FP)

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  • Completion of the pre-course reading.
  • Involvement in one or more of the service management disciplines
  • Involvement in the provision or receipt of IT Services.
  • Staff working in an IT service management discipline who wish to broaden their understanding of how their role fits into the wider service management framework
  • Other staff whose effectiveness would be enhanced by a greater awareness and understanding of best practices in IT service management.
  • Delegates should already have a basic working knowledge of the building blocks of IT services.


  • Aware of the techniques involved across the range of service provision activities
  • Able to relate these activities to each other and to wider IT issues
  • Competent to participate in service delivery/support functions
  • Able to apply this knowledge to their own work environment

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In addition to achieving the objectives of the standard Foundation course, the Foundation Plus course is designed to provide delegates with an improved capability to support and manage services using the ITIL version 3 framework.

The delegates will have the opportunity to create a portfolio of key documents which can be used to assist them in improving best practice delivery of IT services.

The style of presentation of this course is highly interactive and is presented by QA’s own industry leading principal lecturers/consultants with extensive practical experience of Service Management using the ITIL Framework. The use of PowerPoint is limited with emphasis placed upon the activities leading to the creation of the Workbook Portfolio.

Those delegates taking the certificate exam on the final day will need to plan to spend 90-120 minutes each evening on revision and example examination questions.

Kurs içeriği

This course provides comprehensive first-level training for anyone involved in provision, support, and delivery of IT Services. It is accredited by, and follows the syllabus specified by the APM Group (www.apmgroup.co.uk).

It includes an optional one-hour multiple-choice examination for the Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management – Version 3 and is a pre-requisite for the further training in ITIL Version 3 that leads to the ITIL Diploma in IT Service Management.

The course covers the fundamentals of the IT Infrastructure Library® (ITIL®) which covers the five core volumes which provide an end-to-end view of IT and its integration with business strategy.
Those five core volumes are:

  • Service Strategy provides guidance on how to design, develop, and implement service management. It ensures that the overall business aims and strategy is supported by the IT organisations’ aims and strategy.

  • Service Design provides guidance on the design of new or changed services for introduction into the live environment.

  • Service Transition provides guidance on managing change along with risk and quality whilst ensuring IT Operations can manage those changes within the context of the ICT Infrastructure.

  • Service Operation provides guidance on the day to day management of the ICT Infrastructure. It is also contributes to the Service Management Lifecycle for carrying out those processes which contribute to the optimisation of the services provided.

  • Continual Service Improvement looks at the Service Management Lifecycle. It identifies opportunities for improvements in the efficiency, effectiveness of the processes and optimisation of the costs associated with service provision.
Classroom training
Modality: G

Süre 5 Gün

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