Ceph Storage Essentials (CEPH-101)

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System administrators and Devops who want to understand and use Ceph in Openstack environments


Linux system administration, networking and storage knowledge

Kurs hedefi

CEPH is an open-source distributed and fault tolerant storage system widely used in cloud environments like in Openstack.

Participants of this training will learn about the main concept and architecture of Ceph, its installation and daily operation as well as using in Openstack environments.

Kurs içeriği

  • Ceph introduction
  • Ceph node types
  • Ceph architecture
  • Cluster maps
  • Object placement
  • Ceph background procedures
  • Ceph installation
  • Customizing the CRUSH map
  • Add cache tiering
  • Cache tiering
  • Openstack support
  • Ceph – Glance config example
  • Ceph – Cinder config example
  • Ceph – Nova config example
  • Ceph – Swift config example
Classroom training
Modality: G

Süre 2 Gün

Tarihler ve Rezervasyon
Online training
Modality: U

Süre 2 Gün

Tarihler ve Rezervasyon
Kurs tarihleri

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