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Cisco CCIE 360 Learning Program for Routing and Switching is designed for network engineers:

  • With three to five years relevant experience
  • Who want to develop expert-level networking skills and attempt CCIE certification
  • Who prefer a Cisco authorized program that aligns to the most recent CCIE certification standards


There are no formal prerequisites for participation in the Cisco 360 Learning Program for Routing and Switching, although professional-level networking skills are assumed. Students should have a minimum three to five years prior experience as a network engineer.

Fast Lane offers a pre-assessment (available via the Fast Lane Learning Center) that allows candidates to verify if they are ready for the program.

In addition, the program itself begins with a pre-assessment lab to identify any gaps in the student’s foundational skills and knowledge. The results will provide a baseline of performance as students begin their CCIE preparation effort.

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The Cisco CCIE 360 Learning Program for Routing and Switching develops expert-level skills through a structured combination of online learning tools and materials, resources for hands-on practice, access to qualified subject matter experts, and regular feedback and progress assessments.

Product description

Registration to Cisco’s LMS: The heart of the Cisco CCIE 360 Learning Program for Routing and Switching is the Learning Management System, an online portal where students access learning components such as the Self-Paced Lessons, Performance Assessments, and Reference Library. Students can also schedule lab sessions and leave comments for a mentor. The portal offers both students and employers a summary of progress through the curriculum and the ability to set milestones and view success metrics.

CIERS Reference Library: The expansive and searchable technical reference library provides over 2000 pages of advanced networking documentation and best practices content. The web-based library is available online through the Cisco 360 Learning Program for R&S portal.

CCIE R&S Lab Workbook: The CCIE R&S workbook contains 30 lab scenarios to help students practice and apply their learning on network equipment. Students can use their own practice lab at home or their employer, or rent remote equipment from their Cisco Learning Partner.

Fast Lane Assessment: A Multiple choice test designed to help students verify their level of knowledge prior to purchasing any CCIE 360 package or component.

Fast Lane Forums: Each student will receive access to online forums for the duration of the CCIE 360 program. These forums are available through the Fast Lane Community Site. Students may pose questions, provide input and receive support from Fast Lane instructors through this forum.

8 Self Paced Lessons: IPv6, Frame Relay, CAT QoS, Link Layer, IGP, BGP, MPLS, Troubleshooting

CIERS Pre-Assessment Lab: The CCIE R&S pre-assessment is a four-hour lab to measure the student’s starting competency. A score report helps the student and the Cisco Learning Partner choose an appropriate curriculum and learning components.

11 CIERS Assessment Labs: Cisco 360 Learning Program for CCIE R&S offers a suite of assessment labs that can be taken independently or as part of an instructor-led workshop. Each assessment tests the student’s knowledge of concepts and technologies and tracks progress against learning goals and other students. A built-in mentoring guide provides detailed feedback, corrections and best practices for configurations. Assessments vary in degree of difficulty for use at various stages of the learning process.

Remote rack time – 60 sessions: This package includes 60 self-scheduled remote lab sessions for individual practice.

CIERS 1 & 2 Workshops: Cisco Internetwork Expert Routing & Switching 1 (CIERS1) - Intended for students who require an in-depth under-standing of frame relay, link layer, BGP, IGP, etc. Workshop is approximately 60% lecture and 40% hands-on work. Includes two (2) eight-hour assessment labs, graded and returned with mentor feedback. Cisco Internetwork Expert Routing & Switching 2 (CIERS2) - Intended for students who are focused on mastering advanced configuration and troubleshooting. Workshop is approximately 20% lecture and 80% hands-on work. Includes five (5) eight-hour assessment labs, graded and returned with mentor feedback. Students will work collaboratively with other students and receive instruction via peer and instructor reviews.

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