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IBM SPSS Data Collection Administration Telephone for Supervisors SPVC


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This basic course is for anyone responsible for the maintenance of PASW Data Collection Telephone surveys in Telephone call center environment. It is aimed at the Telephone Supervisors that need to understand all the detailed aspects of a deployed project.


For onsite delivery, access to a PASW Data Collection Phone server and a fully functioning PASW Data Collection Phone installation.

Product description

This is the self paced training version of "IBM SPSS Data Collection Administration Telephone for Supervisors" classroom course. This self paced training course is aimed at the Telephone room supervisors that need to understand and maintain all aspects of a PASW Data Collection Telephone environment. This knowledge extends to setting up and configuring the project and sample interaction, as well as the general administration of the Telephone system. Once a project has been deployed, the course will go into detail around Supervisor activities, maintaining and adjusting a project, and reporting on key telephone reports/statistics.

If you are enrolling in a Self Paced Virtual Classroom or Web Based Training course, before you enroll, please review the Self-Paced Virtual Classes and Web-Based Training Classes on our Terms and Conditions page, as well as the system requirements, to ensure that your system meets the minimum requirements for this course.



  • Managing access and rights to the IBM SPSS Data Collection Telephone environment
  • Integrating sample records in a telephone project
  • Understanding Quota´s
  • Adjusting key phone survey settings before data collection begins - including some key dialer components
  • Supervisors learn how to monitor interviews and where appropriate the properties of the dialer that relate to PASW Data Collection Interviewer Phone
  • Monitoring Interviewers, Interviews and the Dialer
  • Perform key steps that relate to project maintenance:
    • Reporting and interpreting telephone performance
    • Reporting on survey data
  • Setting up the telephone room environment to accommodate data collection
E-Learning IBM Self-Paced Virtual Class (SPVC)

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