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Implementing Cisco Security Monitoring, Analysis & Response System (MARS)

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Who should attend

  • Customer
  • Channel Partner
  • Reseller
  • Employee


  • CCNA Security is a prerequisite

This course/exam is an elective for the CCSP certification.It is recommended that the learner also take SNRS v3.0, SNAF v1.0 and IPS v6.0 prior to this course/exam.

Course Objectives

Upon completing this course, you will be able to meet these objectives:

  • Use CS-MARS to monitor security and host application devices.
  • Know CS-MARS architecture and how CS-MARS process events.
  • Know how to use archive and restore features.
  • Use CS-MARS to run / create / customize reports
  • Use CS-MARS to investigate an incident and mitigate the security threats.
  • Use CS-MARS to do customer parser for unknown devices in CS-MARS.
  • Use CS-MARS to create / customize rules that detects dark net through best practices example.
  • Know how to tune signature / log level on device side and CS-MARS side.

Course Content

The Cisco Security Monitoring Analysis and Response System (CS-MARS) is part of the Cisco Security Management Suite which provides security monitoring for network security devices and host application made by Cisco or non-Cisco providers. In addition to event correlation and data reduction features found in SIM products, CS-MARS also provides topology awareness and automatic mitigation features. In knowing the topology of a network, CS-MARS can determine where the attack is originating and apply the appropriate remediation. CS-MARS is a key component in the Cisco Self Defending Network strategy. CS-MARS exchanges information with CS-Manager to provide a unified security management solution. For example, an administrator can view IPS signatures or the Firewall block / permit syslog messages received from sensors or firewalls. CS-MARS will communicate with CS-Manager and display the IPS signature table or firewall rule table. From there the IPS signature or firewall rule can be modified as necessary. Together CS-MARS and CS-Manager provide a unified management solution for monitoring and provisioning.

Duration: 4 days

Prices (excl. VAT):
  • Slovenia: 1,150.- €
  • Germany: 2,490.- €
  • United States: US$ 3,095.-
  • Serbia: 1,050.- €
  • Poland: 1,150.- PLN
  • Bulgaria: 850.- €
Cisco Learning Credits:

18 CLC


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