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Citrix NetScaler 10.5 Essentials for ACE Migration (CNS-208)

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Detailed Course Outline

Introduction to the modern Virtual Data Centre

  • How to address the complications of implementing ADC / Load balancer technology into a virtual data center.
  • An overview of Software Defined Networking (SND)

Physical Deployment

  • Citrix NetScaler VPX integrated into the Nexus 1110 Cloud Services Platform
  • Overview of the Nexus 1000V networking portfolio and how the Netscaler VPX integrates in, and works in conjunction with virtual firewalls, like the Virtual Security Gateway (VSG), Web Application Firewall (WAF) and the Nexus switching platforms
  • Overview of the NetScaler physical appliances, MPX and SDX and see which model compares in performance and sizing to the existing ACE models.

Identify the capabilities and functionality of the NetScaler

  • Explain basic NetScaler network architecture
  • Obtain, install, and manage NetScaler licenses
  • Implement NetScaler TriScale Technology, including Clustering


  • Explanation of NetScaler IP Addressing terminology USIP, MIP, NIP etc
  • Configuring Network Address Translation

Configure Basic Load Balancing

  • Services Configuration Overview
  • Creating Virtual Servers and Binding the service
  • Load-Balancing Methods
  • Session Persistence Methods

High Availability Functionality and Node Configuration Content Switching

  • Understanding Content Switching
  • Configure a Load-Balancing Setup for Content Switching


  • How Clustering Works and what features are supported
  • Cluster Synchronization & Connections
  • Cluster Communication Interfaces
  • Striped and Spotted IP Addresses

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

  • SSL Administration
  • SSL Certificates
  • Certificate Generation
  • Front-end SSL
  • Front-end SSL_TCP
  • SSL_Bridge
  • SSL Offload

Rewrite, Responder, and URL Transformation

  • Understanding Packet Processing Flow
  • Configuring Rewrite Policies and Actions
  • Configuring Responder Policies and Actions
  • Configuring URL Transformation Policies and Actions

Traffic Optimization using AppExpert Advanced

  • Integrated Caching
  • Reverse-Proxy-Cache Configuration
  • Caching Static and Dynamic Content
  • Flash Cache
  • AppExpert Templates, Terminology & Methodology

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