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Business & IT Convergence - Understand & Believe Seamless Collaboration (BIC-UB-SLC)

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Detailed Course Outline

Trends Driving the Need for Collaboration
  • History of collaboration
  • The relevance of collaboration in today’s world
  • Collaboration in a mobile, global, social, disruptive and innovative world
  • Collaboration and its impact on workplace culture
Customer Care-Abouts in Collaboration
  • Impact of collaboration on existing business models
  • IT-consumerization and collaboration
  • Collaboration and shifting workplace demographics
  • Successful customer collaboration initiatives (risk of change)
Collaboration Enabling Efficient Business Operations
  • Collaboration driving efficiency
  • Understand the basic elements of business processes
  • Process discovery and project scoping
  • Business process optimization through collaboration initiatives
  • Analyzing and measuring success of collaboration initiatives
Technology Advances Driving Seamless Collaboration
  • Understand the Cisco collaboration portfolio and strategy
  • Identify the value created by the Cisco collaboration portfolio
  • Technology advances driving collaboration change (WebRTC, etc.)
  • The need for an integrated architecture
Identifying & Capturing Collaboration Opportunities
  • The need for going beyond TCO
  • Building value and generate business benefits through collaboration
  • Translate benefits into business outcomes

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