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Deploying Security in Cisco ACI (DSACI)

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Detailed Course Outline

Module 1: Basics of Cisco ACI

  • Lesson 1: Cisco APIC Architecture and Operation
  • Lesson 2: Cisco ACI Logical Elements

Module 2: Security Built In to Cisco ACI

  • Lesson 1: Inherent Cisco ACI Security Mechanisms
  • Lesson 2: Securing the Cisco ACI Environment from Threats

Module 3: Security Services in Cisco ACI

  • Lesson 1: L4–L7 Services Key Concepts
  • Lesson 2: Security Appliances in Cisco ACI
  • Lesson 3: Deploying Cisco ASA in Cisco ACI
  • Lesson 4: Deploying Cisco ASAv in Cisco ACI
  • Lesson 5: Deploying Cisco FirePOWER NGIPS in Cisco ACI

Lab Outline

  • Lab 1: Exploring the Cisco ACI Fabric
  • Lab 2: Exploring the Cisco APIC
  • Lab 3: Configuring Cisco Secure Access Control System (ACS) Terminal Access Controller Access Control System+ (TACACS+) Integration
  • Lab 4: Configuring Cisco ACI L4–L7 Service Insertion
  • Lab 5: Configuring a Firewall High-Availability Pair
  • Lab 6: Configuring and Inserting a Firewall High-Availability Pair in Routed Mode
  • Lab 7: Configuring and Inserting an ASAv in Transparent Mode
  • Lab 8: Configuring and Inserting a Virtual Cisco Firepower NGIPS in Inline Mode

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