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Data Center Security Sales for Account Managers (DCSWS)

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Detailed Course Outline

Understanding the Data Center Landscape
  • Data Center Security in 2012
  • Data Center Evolution
  • New Data Trends Drive new DC Security Realities
  • Challenges in Building the Secure Data Center
  • Data Center Usage Scenarios
Secure X Vision and Data Center Strategy
  • Cisco TrustSec, Secure X Architecture and Data Center Security
  • The three foundational principles of context-aware Policy, context-aware Security Enforcement and Network & Global Intelligence
  • End-user to cloud security: seamless and automated security policy enforcement
Cisco’s Secure Data Center Solutions
  • Threat defense: High-performance, scalable firewall and intrusion prevention services with intelligence--ASA 5585-X with Firewall and IPS, ASA Service Module, Cisco Security Intelligence Operations (SIO), Cisco Security Manager
  • Virtualization security: Zone-based and policy-driven security at the virtual machine level--Cisco Nexus® 1000V switch, Cisco Virtual Security Gateway
  • Secure Access: Secure and trusted access to data center resources: Cisco AnyConnect, TrustSec, Identity Service Engine
  • Meeting the 4 Data Center goals of Scale, Spanning physical and virtual, Simplifying end-to-end security for data protection and Securing data against emerging threats.
Selling Secure Data Center Solutions
  • Trigger Points – what to look for
  • Secure Data Center Target Markets (Retail, Healthcare, Public Sector, Education, Finance)
  • How to address for CxO level, LoB Level, Technical
  • Linking Customer Goals to Secure Data Center objectives
  • Linking Solutions and Concerns
  • Articulating Value and Building a Business Case
  • Differentiating Cisco
  • Creating a Quotation and Licencing
  • Demonstration Scenario to create Pricing and BOM Creation with appropriate Licensing considerations
  • Class exercise – Create a quotation to include Pricing, BOM and Licensing

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