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Introduction to IBM Unica Campaign 8.6 (9T331G)

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Detailed Course Outline

IBM Unica Campaign Basics

  • The IBM Unica Marketing Platform
  • Integrated Marketing
  • Navigation and Logon
  • Other Menu and Page Features
  • Campaign Concepts and Terminology
  • Navigating Around the Unica Campaign Interface

Building a Flowchart, Part 1: Data Selection and Manipulation

  • Creating Flowcharts
  • The Select Process
  • Table and Table Catalogs
  • Strategic Segments
  • Process Status Indicators
  • The Merge Process
  • The Segment Process
  • The Sample Process
  • Running Flowcharts
  • Flowcharts Templates

Building a Flowchart, Part 2: Data Refinement and Output

  • Building Queries
  • Derived Fields
  • Why Use Derived Fields?
  • User Variables
  • Snapshot Process
  • Audience Levels
  • Table Mapping
  • The Audience Process
  • The Extract Process
  • Scheduler

Offer Attributes, Offers and Offer Lists

  • The Offer and Response Life Cycle
  • Offer Concepts
  • Offer Attributes
  • Offers and Offers Versions
  • Creating Offers
  • Using Offer Lists
  • Creating an Offer Lists

Assigning Offers and Cell Management

  • The Offer - Response Cycle
  • Offer Assignment Flow
  • Treatments and Treatment Codes
  • Contact History Concepts
  • Assigning Offers
  • Outbound Triggers
  • Target Cell Spreadsheet

Response Tracking and Reporting

  • The Offer - Response Life Cycle
  • Response Attribution
  • Response Categories
  • Example Scenario: The Offer
  • Analyzing Response History

Managing the Campaign Environment

  • Flowchart Logs
  • Custom Offer Attributes
  • Offer Templates
  • Sessions

More Campaign Objects and Processes

  • Custom Macros
  • Track Process

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