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Red Hat Ceph Storage Architecture and Administration (CEPH125)

Detailed Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction to course and Ceph

  • Introduce the course, Ceph Storage, and related Ceph systems.

Module 2: Overview of Ceph components

  • Provide an overview of the requirements to create and access object storage data in Ceph Object Store.

Module 3: Overview of CRUSH map

  • Understand CRUSH data placement algorithm and how it is used to determine data placement.

Module 4: Ceph Block storage

  • Describe the method to create and access block storage data with the Ceph Block device (RBD).

Module 5: Ceph Filesystem

  • Describe the method to create and access file storage data with the Ceph distributed file system.

Module 6: Ceph Storage cluster

  • Create a Ceph object cluster.

Module 7: Ceph file

  • Configure a Ceph file in Global, MON, MDS, and OSD server sections.

Module 8: Ceph clients

  • Work with Ceph object clusters, Ceph Block Devices, Ceph Object Gateway daemons, and Ceph Filesystem.

Module 9: Ceph pools

  • Understand Ceph pool concepts and configuration.

Module 10: CRUSH map configuration

  • Configure and manage CRUSH map.

Module 11: MON servers

  • Explain and create MON servers.

Module 12: OSD servers

  • Explain and create Ceph OSD servers and OSD Maps.

Module 13: MDS servers

  • Overview, configure, and map MDS servers.

Module 14: Alternative deployment

  • Overview alternative deployment methods.

Module 15: Ceph operations & maintenance

  • Overview and troubleshoot daily maintenance with Ceph.

Module 16: Performance tuning

  • Tune the Linux server.

Module 17: Ceph daemon optimization

  • Overview and optimize Ceph daemons.

Module 18: Architectural considerations

  • Discuss architectural considerations for Ceph Performance Optimization.

Module 19: Ceph Client tuning & troubleshooting

  • Tune and troubleshoot Ceph Client.

Module 20: Introduction to OpenStack & Ceph

  • Introduce and explain integration of Ceph and OpenStack.

Module 21: Integrate Ceph with Glance

  • Integrate object storage for image with Glance.

Module 22: Integrate Ceph with Cinder

  • Integrate block storage for VMs with Cinder.

Module 23: Ceph and Ceph Object Gateway daemons

  • Overview process to replace Swift with Ceph and Ceph Object Gateway daemons.