Cisco Explorer Controller Suite Foundation Training (ECSF)


Course Overview

This course introduces you to the Explorer Controller Suite for the Cisco Digital Broadband Delivery System by exploring the Explorer Controller Suite Common Management Center user interface and how the application is used to manage the Explorer Controllers, manage customer premise RF equipment (set-tops), provision services for multiple Explorer Controllers simultaneously (regional provisioning), access reports and service logs, view and respond to system alarms, install software and packages on Explorer Controllers, add users for Explorer Controller Suite access, manage Cisco option package files, execute Explorer Controller Suite commands using the command line interface (CLI), and back up Explorer Controllers.

Who should attend

This course is designed for technical professionals who need to know how to operate the Explorer Controller Suite.

Targeted roles include:

  • System engineers
  • Technical support personnel
  • Channel partners and resellers

Course Objectives

At the end of the course, you should be able to:

  • Log in and navigate the Common Management Center to access Explorer Controller Suite functions
  • Access the web user and CLIs for network elements (Explorer Controllers and Cisco DTA Control System (DTACS) servers and back up Explorer Controllers
  • Query, move, delete, and batch install customer premise equipment (CPE), or set-tops
  • Provision elements (hubs, channel maps, packages, services) using the regional provisioning service
  • Create and schedule reports
  • View, filter and respond to alarms
  • View system log files and set service log levels
  • View, install, uninstall, and upgrade Cisco option packages
  • Add and modify users and user groups, manage passwords, and view audit logs
Classroom Training
Modality: G

Duration 2 days

Price (excl. tax)
  • Eastern Europe: US$ 999.-

Currently there are no training dates scheduled for this course.  Enquire a date