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Selling Microsoft Azure for Partners (AZSW)


Course Overview

The “On premises” IT market is a shrinking addressable market. Partners have seen falling revenues from collaboration and other software and supporting hardware sales as these workloads move to the Cloud and onto Software-as-a-Service offerings like Microsoft’s Office 365. This same shift is happening with a broader range of infrastructure investments and as general computing servers are reaching end of life, customers are looking to take advantage of the cost and flexibility advantages of the Cloud. Cloud based Infrastructure-as-a-Service is becoming more applicable for more workloads and for more customers making this a growing addressable market for channel partners. It is also a market where customers will be less loyal to current providers – a change in the computing paradigm is often a change in the computing provider and the supporting partner. For these two reasons partners must get ahead of their customers and lead them to the Cloud to increase revenue and secure customers at risk of switching to a competitor.

This sales workshop will help partner sales people to:

  • Find and build pipeline for Azure sales.
  • Engage with and beyond IT to secure new budgets and workloads for Cloud deals.
  • Handle objections, beat the competition and close deals more quickly – a key aspect of success in Cloud sales.

This course will be designed around real use cases and will be hands on in building a repeatable approach to being successful with real customers. With this in mind, at least 50% of the day will be participant led discussion and/or group or individual activity.

Who should attend

Sales Account Managers, Business Development Managers or individuals in a similar customer-facing role

Course Content

The business case for cloud:

  • What's in it for customers and what's in it for the partner.
  • This section aims to build individual enthusiasm for selling Azure by addressing the “what’s in it for me?” question.

Finding new business:

  • This section aims to answer: What do Cloud deals look like? How can I create them? What are the options for customers? How do we get started?
  • This section will enable the participant to recognise and/or create new Azure deals.

Engaging with and beyond IT:

  • This section aims to answer: Who buys Cloud and who benefits/pays? How do I discover these stakeholders, understand the value they will respond to and then speak to that value? How do I work with and through IT to sell to the business stakeholders and unlock new budgets?
  • This section aims to enable the participant to work with and beyond IT to sell Azure based on business value to business stakeholders, increasing their sales opportunities per account.

Competition :

  • This section will cover handling objections to adopting cloud, competing with "do nothing", "roll your own" customer deployments and other vendor offerings, primarily AWS.


  • This section will cover how to progress and close a Cloud deal (this is different to shipping a box and “walking the path” first will increase the number of follow on deals from participants).

Cloud Action Plan:

  • Throughout the day participants will capture what they will do with concepts and learning from each section and in this last section they will build out a simple plan to apply the concepts from the day immediately and in the future, increasing the likelihood of a change in behaviour and increased success with Azure.
Classroom Training
Modality: C

Duration 1 day

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