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ASR 5000 ePDG System Configuration (EPDG1D)

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Detailed Course Outline

Day 1: Morning Session
  • Discussion: Course Objectives and Schedule
  • Lesson 1: Getting Started with 4G Wi-Fi Offload
    • Client versus clientless devices
    • Trusted versus untrusted devices
    • ePDG and Wi-Fi infrastructure
    • Role of wireless LAN controller (WLC)
    • SSIDs and VLANs
    • EAP-based WLAN authentication
    • Portal-based WLAN authentication
    • Obtaining IP address of ePDG
    • Attachment to mobile packet core via the ePDG
  • Lesson 2: Configuring the ASR 5000 as an ePDG
    • SWu interface
    • IPSec transforms and policies
    • DIAMETER AAA SWm interface
    • PMIP interface to PGW
    • ePDG service configuration
    • Role of DNS
  • Lunch
Day 1: Afternoon Session
  • Lab: Configuring an ePDG
  • Lesson 3: Monitoring and Troubleshooting ePDG Operation
    • Viewing subscriber sessions
    • Obtaining IPSec information and statistics
    • Examining the ePDG service
    • DIAMETER proxy operation on the ASR 5000
    • Viewing MAG service operation

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