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VXI/VDI for System Engineers (VXSE)

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Detailed Course Outline

Cisco Data Center Overview

  • Data Center Limitations
  • Cisco Data Center Architecture
  • Cisco Data Center Business Advantage

Cisco Data Center Components

  • Cisco Nexus and MDS overview
  • Unified Fabric and multi-hop FCoE

Transformation of the Desktop

  • What do users demand today?
  • Computing Architecture Choices

Desktop Virtualization

Desktop Virtualization Challenges

  • Performance limitations in a generic VDI design
  • Security vulnerabilities in a generic VDI design
  • Techniques for enhancing the user experience

The Latency Challenge

  • Application Control Engine Deployment
  • Cisco Wide-Area Application Services (WAAS) Security and Optimization
  • Extending the Data Center with Cisco OTV

Desktop Virtualization Components

  • VMware View 4.5
  • Citrix XenDesktop 4.0
  • MS Enterprise Desktop (MED-V) Interface

Desktop Virtualization Endpoints

  • Thin Clients, Thick Clients
  • Cisco VXI Clients

Cisco‘s VXI Vision

Cisco VXI end-to-end System

Network Requirements for Cisco VXI

Cisco Unified Computing System

  • Cisco UCS Service Profiles for fast provisioning of Virtual Desktops
  • UCS Blade Configuration for VXI

Storage Requirements for Cisco VXI

  • Network Attached Storage

NetApp FlexPod as a foundation for Cisco VXI

  • High Availability and Business Continuity

Cisco VXI Management Tools

Cisco Validated Designs


Cisco VXI Opportunity Identification

  • In this role-playing exercise you will learn to handle objections to deploying VXI. Also, a significant amount of time will be spent on the analysis of Use Cases.

Designing a Cisco VXI Solution – group exercise

  • In this group exercise, you will follow a standard process for designing a Cisco VXI solution based on the data provided in class. You will cover the following topics:
  • Customer requirements
  • Existing architecture
  • Performance criteria
  • Network & Storage connectivity
  • Management requirements
  • Security and Availability

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