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00301927 - Migrating to an Open Standards, Rev 11.21 (MOSN)

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Detailed Course Outline

  • Migrating the L2 switches in access and distribution layers
  • Manual or automatic setting of VLANs
  • Managing redundancy with or without STP
  • Per VLAN Spanning Tree Plus (PVST+) and MSTP
  • Static, LACP, and PAgP link-aggregation
  • Integrate IRF cluster into mixed environment
  • Transiting security features on the Edge
  • Migrating the L3 switches in Core
  • HSRP, VRRP and IRF
  • IGP transition: static routes, EIGRP, OSPF
  • BGP transition
  • ACL migration
  • IP Multicast transition
  • Managing Cisco and HP devices in the same network with IMC
  • SNMP and traffic monitoring with Sflow and Netflow
  • AAA with RADIUS and TACACS

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