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Updating your Database Skills to Microsoft SQL Server 2012 (40008)

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Detailed Course Outline

Module 1: Introducing SQL Server 2012

  • Overview of SQL Server 2012
  • SQL Server 2012 Editions and Components

Module 2: Installing SQL Server 2012

  • Installation Options and Requirements
  • Installing SQL Server
  • Deploying SQL Server in a Private Cloud

Lab : Installing SQL Server

  • Installing a SQL Server 2012 Named Instance
  • Performing Post-Installation Setup and Checks

Lab : Using a Data-Tier Application in a Private Cloud Scenario

  • Creating a Data-Tier Application
  • Deploying a Data-Tier Application

Module 3: Managing SQL Server 2012

  • Enhancements to SQL Server Management Studio
  • New and Enhanced Dynamic Management Views
  • Using PowerShell to Manage SQL Server

Lab : Managing SQL Server

  • Using SQL Server Management Studio
  • Using SQL Server Management Studio

Module 4: Developing SQL Server 2012 Databases

  • Transact-SQL Enhancements
  • New and Enhanced Transact-SQL Functions
  • Enhancements to Spatial Data Support
  • Storing and Querying Documents

Lab : Developing SQL Server Databases

  • Using Sequence Objects
  • Using the THROW Statement
  • Implementing Paging
  • Querying Documents

Module 5: Performance and Tuning Enhancements

  • Performance Optimization Tools
  • Enhancements to Indexing

Lab : Optimizing SQL Server Performance

  • Creating a Columnstore Index
  • Using a Columnstore Index
  • Updating a Table with a Columnstore Index

Module 6: High Availability and Data Recovery Enhancements

  • AlwaysOn High Availability
  • Enhancemenst to Data Recovery

Lab : Using AlwaysOn Availability Groups

  • Creating an AlwaysOn Availability Group
  • Using an AlwaysOn Availability Group
  • Observing Availability Group Failover Behavior

Module 7: Implementing Security in Microsoft SQL Server 2012

  • Security Management Enhancements
  • Contained Databases

Lab : Implementing Security

  • Implementing user-Defined Server Roles
  • Implementing Contained Databases

Module 8: Extending Data Solutions to the Cloud

  • Introduction to SQL Azure
  • Working with SQL Azure

Lab : Using SQL Azure

  • Creating a Database in SQL Azure
  • Using SQL Server Management Studio with SQL Azure

Module 9: Overview of BI Enhancements in SQL Server 2012

  • SQL Server 2012 for Data Warehousing
  • SQL Server 2012 for Business Intelligence

Lab : Exploring BI Features

  • Using PowerPivot
  • Using Power View

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