Advanced Services - Cisco CTI Programming for Cisco ICM and Cisco IPCC (CTIPI)

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Computer programmers who are charged with building softphone or screen-pop applications for use within the Cisco ICM or IPCC environments.


  • Familiarity with Telephony
  • Working knowledge of Call Center operations
  • Working knowledge of ICM or IPCC
  • Working knowledge of Visual Basic, Visual C++ or Java

Kurs hedefi

This course provides computer programmers with the knowledge and experience to create custom screen-pop and softphone applications for use with Cisco? Intelligent Contact Management (ICM) and Cisco IP Contact Center (IPCC) software. Students will learn the Cisco ICM computer telephony integration (CTI) architecture and the various CTI interfaces available to developers. This course is a combination of lecture and programming examples/laboratories that will teach students to construct their own softphone applications. Programming tips and best practices are provided to help students to be successful in rapidly developing their own custom applications.

Kurs içeriği

  • Introduction
  • General terms
  • Introduction to Cisco ICM CTI
  • Cisco ICM overview
  • How Cisco ICM CTI fits in
  • System components
  • Call-flow overview
  • Scripting effect on Cisco ICM CTI
  • Typical call and data flow
  • Data passing within Cisco ICM
  • Translation routes
  • Interactive voice response (IVR) (collecting call-related data)
  • Cisco ICM CTI (call variables, ECC)
  • Handling of wrap-up data
  • Historical Data Server (HDS)
  • What data is kept
  • When call data is written
  • Cisco ICM CTI architecture
  • Cisco ICM CTI interface specification
  • Cisco ICM CTI toolkit
  • Agent state model (Lucent, Aspect, Cisco IPCC)
  • Using softphone ActiveX controls
  • Using CtiClient32
  • Using GeoDCS
  • Java client
  • Siebel Driver and Cisco Data Store for Siebel 6
  • Outbound option with Cisco CTI toolkit
  • Cisco CTI OS overview
  • Cisco CTI OS architecture
  • Cisco CTI OS product components
  • Cisco CTI OS SDK overview
  • Using Cisco CTI OS ActiveX controls
  • Using the Cisco CTI OS common equipment (COM) CIL
  • Using the Cisco CTI OS C++ CIL
  • Failover handling with Cisco CTI OS
  • Troubleshooting tips for Cisco CTI OS
  • Cisco CTI OS and Siebel 7
  • Cisco Enterprise Data Store
  • Outbound option with Cisco CTI OS
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