Cisco ASR 5000 EPC Product Suite System Administration and Configuration (EPC)

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This course is designed for participants from any of the following disciplines who are responsible for the planning, configuration, and management of the ASR 5000:

  • Network engineering
  • Network consulting
  • Customer support
  • Field engineering


Participants must have a thorough understanding of IP routing, networking protocols, and a basic working knowledge of applicable 3GPP network operation.

Kurs hedefi

Upon completion of this course, you should have a practical familiarity of the following aspects of the platform:

  • Using the StarOS command line interface (CLI) for chassis management, monitoring, and configuration.
  • Performing initial system configuration, including creating administrative users, hardware redundancy, and remote management functions.
  • Performing basic service configuration for an MME.
  • Performing basic service configuration for an S-GW.
  • Performing basic service configuration of a P-GW.
  • Monitoring the system for subscriber sessions.
  • Implementing management functions such as threshold crossing alarms, software upgrades, and hardware/software monitoring.
  • Performing basic debugging of attachment failure.

At the completion of this course, all participants receive a certificate of completion.

Kurs içeriği

The Cisco ASR 5000 EPC Product Suite System Administration and Configuration version 12.2 instructor-led course offered by Learning Services provides detailed instruction on how to manage, monitor, configure, and administer the Cisco® ASR 5000 to function as a mobility management entity (MME) serving gateway (S-GW) and PDN gateway (P-GW) in an evolved packet core (EPC) network environment. The student is provided with an introduction to the important components of an EPC network as well as an introduction to the hardware and software architecture of the ASR 5000. After configuration lab exercises, basic debugging commands are introduced and used for simulated call failure scenarios.

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