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Cisco EnergyWise for AMs (EWAM)

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With rising energy prices and a push to meet environmental protection regulations, Enterprise’s are urgently in need of a way to save money on utility bills, meet compliance and re-enforce “green” brand recognition. Cisco’s EnergyWise solutions are a certain way to achieve these objectives, as well as a means to scale in a future-proof way. This ½ day workshop immerses Account Managers into the value proposition of Cisco’s EnergyWise Solutions. Account Managers will learn how to identify customer’s Business Energy Management needs, and how to tie Cisco’s EnergyWise solutions to exceeding customers’ energy objectives.

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The primary audience for this workshop is the Sales Professional working mid-market and enterprise accounts.



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After attending this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand EnergyWise and how it fits in with Cisco’s Business Energy Management portfolio and our Borderless Network Architecture
  • Be able to articulate the value of EnergyWise to a customer
  • Be able to explain the various different components that make up EnergyWise
  • Understand our target market and target profile
  • Be able to align EnergyWise with our overall architectural approach and the customer’s needs
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