Cisco FWSM & ACE Power Workshop (FWSMPW)

Course Description Kurs tarihleri


  • CCNA Certification
  • Knowledge of Networking and Security concepts

Kurs hedefi

  • Firewall Services
  • Configuration of the switch for the FWSM
  • Deployment of the FWSM
  • Initialization of the FWSM
  • Configuration of FWSM Routed Mode
  • Translations & Connections
  • Access Control Lists
  • Object Grouping
  • Cisco Modular Policy Framework
  • Cisco Adaptive Security Device Manager
  • Authentication, Authorization & Accounting
  • FWSM Transparent Firewall Configuration
  • Deployment of the FWSM with Multiple Contexts
  • Failover
  • FWSM Management
  • Cisco ACE Overview
  • Cisco ACE Deployment
  • Modular Policy CLI
  • ACE Module Management
  • Security-Features
  • Layer 4 Load Balancing
  • Health Monitoring [*Layer 7 Protocol Processing
  • High Availability
Kurs tarihleri

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