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Data ONTAP 7-Mode Administration (D7ADM)


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This course is intended for NetApp customers, partners and employees who provide basic support and perform administrative functions of the Data ONTAP 8.2 operating system.


Students who attend this course should have a background in system administration for UNIX® or Microsoft® Windows® operating systems and/or Data ONTAP 7-Mode Fundamentals (WBT)

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By the end of this course you should be able to:

  • Identify the various components of a NetApp storage environment
  • Install and perform the setup configuration of Data ONTAP
  • Perform basic administration on a storage system
  • Explain and configure physical and logical storage
  • Identify and configure client protocols
  • State virtualization techniques available in Data ONTAP
  • Describe Snapshot copies and space consumption in Data ONTAP
  • Discuss backup methods available in Data ONTAP

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Welcome to the NetApp® Data ONTAP® 7-Mode Administration course. Data ONTAP 8 is the next generation data storage operating system from NetApp. Data ONTAP 8.2 builds on the stability and reliability of the Data ONTAP 8 operating system and provides new functionality that sets it apart from all of the competition. This five-day instructor-led course enables you to perform basic support and administrative functions on a NetApp storage system running the Data ONTAP system operating in 7-Mode.

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Süre 5 Gün

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  • Bulgaristan: US$ 2.250,-
  • Slovakia: US$ 4.500,-
Online training
Modality: L

Süre 5 Gün

Ücret (excl. KDV)
  • Türkiye: US$ 4.500,-
  • Bulgaristan: US$ 2.250,-
  • Slovakia: US$ 4.500,-
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