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JBoss SOA: ESB Service Implementation (JB431)

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Kimler katılmalı

Senior Java EE developers, including enterprise SOA architects


  • Java Enterprise knowledge
  • 5+ years Java EE programming experience
  • Basic XML scripting experience

Kurs hedefi

During this course, you will learn:

  • JBoss SOA Platform technology overview
  • How ESB providers and services work together
  • Details of popular built-in ESB services and providers
  • Writing custom ESB actions to use legacy services
  • Using built-in actions to incorporate existing Drools, JPA, and EJB services
  • Web services and JMS provider and service deployments to expose business functions
  • Smooks and XSLT transformations to support diverse message formats
  • JBoss Developer Studio tooling to build and deploy ESB service

Kurs içeriği

The JBoss® SOA ESB Service Implementation (JB431) course provides an overview of the Red Hat® Boss Enterprise SOA Platform and focuses on skills required to use the enterprise service bus (ESB). Designed for experienced Java™ EE developers, this course shows you how to develop and deploy ESB services and providers. Students will enhance their ESB development skills while deploying and managing ESB services, like HTTP providers, Java Message Server (JMS) providers, transformation actions, and available built-in service actions.

Through in-class investigation and hands-on labs, you will leave the class able to design, develop, deploy, and test ESB services in accordance with SOA design principles using Red Hat JBoss Developer Studio and JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform. This course also helps you prepare for the !RH-EX431.

Kurs tarihleri

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